Blue vs Red Light Therapy

Differences between Blue and Red Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy vs Red Light Therapy - what are the differences?Medical science has greatly advanced to provide benefits, evolving through many stages and employing newer technologies to cure the human body. Lately, laser science has also found uses in the medical field, benefitting the field of dermatology. This includes the employment of different wavelengths of light to cure various skin diseases. This specific laser light therapy is called photodynamic therapy. It involves the use of photochemical reactions through the interaction of photosensitizing agents, orally or otherwise incorporated into the patient, and specific wavelengths of light, directed upon the patient in the presence of oxygen. It is used to treat malignant or benign diseases of the skin. The reaction of light and the sensitive material, help minimizing the damage adjacent to healthy tissues, and thus curing them.

This LED technology, when employed on your skin, can greatly improve your skin in many ways by the help of certain wavelengths and colors. These wavelengths penetrate inside react and produce dramatic results to beautify your skin. The two types of therapies are called blue light and red light therapy that promote healthy skin. But their nature of work is diverse. Here are some of the main differences between red and blue light therapy.

Red light therapy penetrates into the layers of skin and cause tissue repair, renewing and regenerating. Mostly they heal the damages that have occurred on the skin. Red light therapy systems such as the Quasar line helps in rejuvenating skin and cure pain and inflammation of skin. Over time they help obtain younger looking skin and are very simple to use. This therapy also reduces wrinkles, diminish scarring, shrink pores, reduce discoloration and speed up healing procedures. This therapy is known to renew your complexion and make you appear younger, good for middle aged people.

Blue light therapy, on the contrary, cannot penetrate as deeply as the red light as its penetrating powers are less. But it can penetrate deep enough to kill the bacteria that causes acne, as unlike its penetrating power it has more intensity, enough to kill bacteria. Devices like the baby quasar, made for blue light therapy, are basically used to prevent and treat blemishes and obtain a clearer and even skin. This therapy is great for people suffering from mild to moderate acne. It does not cause any redness or irritation and is not at all harmful or harsh for the skin.

Blue and red light therapy can be combined as well to obtain dual effects and speed the healing process. Although both the therapies have different ways of action and effects, both promote healthier skin. Both the technologies are painless, gentle, non-invasive, with no side effects and extremely effective.