What is Blue Light Therapy?

Blue LED light therapy for AcneIf you have tried to have your acne treated by traditional methods, and nothing seems to work, then maybe you should consider blue light therapy. This type of therapy is also known as diode laser therapy. With blue light therapy, the skin is exposed to a low-intensity blue light laser which will get rid of acne. The type of acne that it treats often spreads quickly, so it is necessary to receive multiple treatments of blue light therapy. As far as side effects go, they are not very bad. Some side effects of blue light therapy are dryness and redness, which are temporary.

While this is a relatively new procedure for treating acne, blue light treatment is said to be very effective. Many people report that their acne is 80% cleared up after just a few treatments.

Blue light therapy works because it kills bacteria that is on the surface of the skin which causes acne breakouts. The best results are seen when the blue light therapy is used in combination with a good cleaning routine. The good facial cleaning routine is important because that will also help to get rid of the bacteria on your face and help prevent breakouts.

Red light therapy is often used in healing. It helps to stimulate collagen production. The differences between red and blue light therapy is that blue light kills the bacteria and red light is used in the healing. It is considered to be most effective when used in combination with one another. The blue light will kill the bacteria, and the red light will promote healing. A great way to treat acne is to have a regular cleaning routine, and use the blue and red light therapy.

If you are interested in using blue light therapy to treat acne, then you can have the procedure done at some spas and dermatologist’s offices. There are also in home options that are available that use the blue light therapy. If you are interested in also using red light therapy in conjunction with the blue light, they sell at home kits for that as well. When you do blue light therapy for acne at home, you will usually do it twice a day. There are both tabletop devices that you can use as well as handheld devices. The tabletop takes about 15 minutes and the handheld device takes about 30 minutes to an hour. The devices that can be used at home cost between $150 – $300. Goggles are required to be used for both types of light therapy. If you do plan to have blue light therapy, then you should first see a dermatologist, so they can send you on the right path for your treatment.

Taking antibiotics has long been a solution for acne. Many people are becoming hesitant on what they are putting in their bodies. They simply do not want to take unnecessary medications, which could have a long term problem. Long term antibiotics can lead to many different problems such as digestion and elimination problems. So many people do not want to take antibiotics to get rid of the acne problem any more. For these people, blue light therapy is a great alternative. Blue light therapy can have great results, but you will need to have routine treatments done to have the best results. The bottom line is that if you have acne that you want to get rid of and you do not want to take harsh medications, then blue light therapy may be just what you are looking for. It comes at a reasonable cost with few side effects.